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Highrise / Katerina Cizek



Concrete gray apartment buildings have been the most common form of housing for the past half-century. You can find them all over the world, and they all look exactly the same. But in Out My Window, the kickoff to the extensive documentary project Highrise, a plethora of variety is lurking behind all those identical windows. On the main screen, you see a collage-like apartment building. You can click on each of the 13 windows. Behind them, 13 apartments in 13 different cities around the world are lurking: Chicago, Toronto, Montreal, Havana, São Paolo, Amsterdam, Prague, Istanbul, Beirut, Bangalore, Phnom Penh, Tainan, and Johannesburg.

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Gabriele Basilico




Beyrouth – Istanbul – Shangai

Gabriele Basilico (born in Milano in 1944) is one of today’s best known documentary photographers in Europe. Cities and industrial landscapes are his fields of investigation. Trained as an architect, he takes photographs of pieces of architecture and works for publishers, industrial concerns, public and private institutions. In 1983 the PAC in Milano presented his first important exhibition “Milano, ritratti di fabbriche”. His recent photographic work is devoted to urban transformation. Continue reading Gabriele Basilico