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Dominic Hawgood


Under the influence

Hawgood is an artist combining photography, CGI, lighting design and installation.  Within his work three main themes persist, a fascination with technology, states of mind, and the removal of something from the real world.  He takes inspiration from things he observes, studying, isolating and reconstructing, and there is a constant drive to conjure something through the work, an attempt to transport the viewer.

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Nikki S. Lee


The Punk Project

The Punk Project is one of over a dozen series of photographs in which Korean-born New York photographer Nikki Lee pushes the boundaries of identity and place, of who we are and how others see us in proximity to the people we choose to surround ourselves with. She places herself within the frame of her images, transforming herself into the documented subject after constructing the context and setting the stage. She performs identity – reinventing herself with the stereotypes, media hype, codes, and clues that look into and out from a given community, infiltrates that community, and presents us with a new version of herself. She is a respectful tourist shopping for who she is within a subculture, stretching the very skin of her own identity to find a fit. Her images dig deep into the construction of community and ego, of social roles and what it means to be self-defined and/or categorized by someone else. She ultimately asks, are personal identity and communal identity fluid?

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orlan_7surgery_omnipresence orlan_7surgery_omnipresence3orlan_7surgery_2mouth_omnipresence


 7th Surgery-Performance – Omnipresence, 1993

ORLAN was born in Saint-Etienne, France. She lives and works between Paris, Los Angeles and New York. ORLAN explores different techniques such as photography, video, sculpture (in resin, marble and inflatable), drawing, installation, performance, biotechnology, etc… She was the first artist to use surgery as an artistic medium.

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Ayrson Heráclito

heraclito banhista 2 heraclito_banhista

Banhista, 2006

No tanque de epô, imerso a deriva de memórias:banha-se / Líquido livre e deslizante sem dominante.Escapa, escorrega corpo, invade… / Dentro do tanque do sensível / Lava-me alma / O mar de epô abre em seu movimento / Atlântica fluidez / Mergulho em estado de graça

Artista visual e curador, doutorando em Comunicação e Semiótica pela Pontifícia Universidade Católica de São Paulo, SP. Professor do curso de Artes Visuais do Centro de Artes Humanidades e Letras da Universidade Federal do Recôncavo da Bahia (UFRB). Suas obras transitam pela instalação, performance, fotografia e audiovisual, lidam com freqüência com elementos da cultura afro-brasileira e já foram vistas em individuais na Bahia, mostras, festivais e Bienais internacionais. Nos trabalhos de Heráclito encontramos dendê, a vida no Brasil-Colônia, charque, açúcar, peixe, esperma e sangue, corpo, dor, arrebatamentos, apartheids e sonhos de liberdade.

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Esther Ferrer

esther_ferrer_ellibrodelasmanos_87El libro de las manos . esther_ferrer_europortrait2002


Esther Ferrer is a historic figure in Spanish contemporary art. Considered one of the major artists of her generation, especially as regards performance, her work can be seen as a minimalist mix of rigour, humour, appropriation and absurdity. In 1966 Ferrer joined Zaj, a contemporary music and performance group noted for its radical and conceptual productions, which were presented in Franco’s Spain. In 1999 Ferrer represented Spain at the Venice Biennale. While continuing to perform, she has taken part in many exhibitions around the world.
Born in 1937 in Space, she lives and works in Paris.

Artist Website: http://www.estherferrer.net/

Video “El arte de la performance”: https://vimeo.com/64392319