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Lebanese archive


Lebanese Archive project by artist Ania Dabrowska is inspired by the previously unknown, personal collection of photographs belonging to Diab Alkarssifi, a former photojournalist from Lebanon. The collection consists of his work, family albums, and photographs from studios in Beirut, Damascus and Cairo and covers over 100 years of cultural and political history of Lebanon and the Middle East. It documents his student years in Moscow and Budapest, the Lebanese Civil Wars and local events in his home city of Baalbeck, close to the Syrian border.


Eric Baudelaire


Working in photography, video, print making and installation, Eric  Baudelaire is interested in the relationship between images and events, documents and narratives. Recalling factographic practices, his work can involve elaborate staged situations that appear to be real, but are somewhat off-kilter, and place the viewer in a situation of questioning the modes of production and consumption of images. He also uses simple techniques of assemblage, sampling and mechanical reproduction, applied to real documents, to playfully extract fictive narratives or new formal vocabularies.



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Audiovisual Heritage

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The timeline Audiovisual Heritage represents a series of events related to the History of photography, cinema, amateur, television, video and sound technologies from pre-19th century till 2000.

The Girona City Council through the Centre for Image Research and Diffusion (abbreviated CRDI in Catalan) and the Cinema Museum, has designed and developed the project Audiovisual Heritage, which has been supported by the International Council on Archives (ICA) through the Programme Commission (PCOM).

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Karen Knorr


Belgravia 1979-1981

Karen Knorr produced Belgravia (1979-1981) a series of black and white photographs with ironic and humorous texts that highlighted aspirations, lifestyle and the British class system under the neo liberalist Thatcher era in the late 70’s and early 80’s.

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Roger Ballen


BALLEN was born in New York in 1950, and has lived in Johannesburg, South Africa, for nearly thirty years. Working as a geologist, Ballen began to photograph the homes and white residents of rural South Africa before developing his more theatrical and expressive style in the late-1990s.

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